One year with Amazon Kindle

I’m a book lover, enthusiastic reader. About one year ago I’ve bought a Kindle – e-book reader designed by Amazon. It’s a handy, lightweight and easy to use piece of hardware. I appreciate almost unlimited free access to books (especially on file sharing servers, of course).

Last year I’ve red dozens of e-books. Some of them were great and I decided to buy hardcover (for example The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak or And Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini). But most of the books were just average and uninspired.

I usually alternate reading e-books with paper books, one after the other. And now, when I’m looking back at last year, I remember paper books better. I remember their covers, fonts and even their old yellowed pages.

Books are not only about their content. I don’t want to underestimate power of a great story. Good writing is by far the most important part of a book. But feeling of good old fashioned book in your hands is still irreplaceable.

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